The Dermace Elite 2 is here!

The successor to our amazing Dermace Elite Machine is here!

The ELITE 2 is now to be included on ALL our Semi Permanent Makeup Diploma training courses. It's the latest machine on the market, and exclusive to Dermace. So - what's new?

* updated design - still with patented protective coating
* the Elite 2 can accept TWO handpieces at once (one handpiece included - additional handpieces are available)
* we now use the standard 3.5mm handpiece plug (so the Elite 2 hand piece will fit into many other popular machines, but will be considerably less expensive to buy. You can also use your favourite hand piece from your existing machine with the Elite 2 so long as it uses the 3.5mm plug)
* The price remains an UNBEATABLE £1,800 for a state-of-the-art Digital Micropigmentation machine (the Elite is also going strong in many HNS hospitals!)


An amazing machine just got even better!

Calling all Beauticians!

Are you in the Beauty Industry? Considered Semi Permanent makeup training?

Dermace are launching open days for you to come along and meet us at the Academy. We'll be holding a few sessions on how Semi Permanent Makeup can really boost your income, how to market your new skills to get more people through the door, and how your career can progress through workshops.

In addition, we'll also be introducing you to our Dermace Elite digital machine, and letting you loose on practice pads...of course, we'll also provide the tea, coffee and lite lunch.

Give us a call on 01274 411747 to get the next dates for the open days - they're free to attend and will certainly make all the difference to your business.

Permanent Makeup from £4750!

New Training Course Options from £4,750!

Dermace have now released two more options for your Semi Permanent Makeup Training:

Essentials - Everything you need for Semi Permanent Makeup Training - Simple and Cost-Effective. £4,750
Elite - Permanent Makeup, Rejuvi, Elite Kit, Marketing Pack, Workshop credit - the most comprehensive training money can buy. £5,500

Both courses include our leading one-to-one training by the most experienced trainers in the business. All of our Diploma Courses come with our Dermace Elite machine included.

Don't compromise on the
quality of your training, and don't settle for basic course content - it's a false economy.

Call us for more information: 01274 411747 or Contact us here.