The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Imitation: The Sincerest Form of Flattery

We've noticed and interesting trend within our industry recently - the growing endorsement of One-to-One training, and support.

This is nothing new to us here at Dermace. We've been firm believers in low ratio student:trainee course numbers since we started, and never had the "get as many in the classroom as possible" attitude. We feel this kind of attention and commitment between student and trainer should be a minimum standard, and not something that is actually charged extra for.
We're committed to our after-course support in a genuine way. We were the first to offer (in black and white, on our website and sales materials) FREE, UNLIMITED support. In actual fact, we may STILL be the only company to offer this free of charge. We hear from many technicians on our workshops that have been left high and dry by their training company, and have often felt like writing off their training investment because they just didn't feel confident at all. We're talking thousands of pounds - in some cases, tens of thousands of pounds!

All in all, we're just glad that companies are following our lead. It can only be good for the technicians, and our industry.

Diploma Course Feedback (Michelle)

Michelle already runs a thriving beauty business, but came to us for Semi Permanent Makeup Training to boosts her salon's earnings:

"A BIG THANK-YOU for last week . I had an Amazing time & enjoyed every moment of my training with you guys at Dermace. Clare & Teresa are fab!!!! I cannot wait to get my semi permanent make-up & tattoo removal business off the ground!!" 

Michelle: Michelle @ Fredrix

Trainee Feedback (Michael)

"Very confident with all four procedures"

Trainee Feedback (Jade)

Jade recently completed her Diploma in Semi Permanent Makeup and Rejuvi Training - here are her impressions:

"thank you and I really enjoyed the course everyone was so nice, see you at assessment!"