The Dermace Elite 2 is here!

The successor to our amazing Dermace Elite Machine is here!

The ELITE 2 is now to be included on ALL our Semi Permanent Makeup Diploma training courses. It's the latest machine on the market, and exclusive to Dermace. So - what's new?

* updated design - still with patented protective coating
* the Elite 2 can accept TWO handpieces at once (one handpiece included - additional handpieces are available)
* we now use the standard 3.5mm handpiece plug (so the Elite 2 hand piece will fit into many other popular machines, but will be considerably less expensive to buy. You can also use your favourite hand piece from your existing machine with the Elite 2 so long as it uses the 3.5mm plug)
* The price remains an UNBEATABLE £1,800 for a state-of-the-art Digital Micropigmentation machine (the Elite is also going strong in many HNS hospitals!)


An amazing machine just got even better!

More Semi Permanent Makeup courses coming soon!

More choice, same unbeatable training!

We are about to launch two new tiers to our Semi Permanent makeup training courses. Keep an eye out for the "Dermace Essentials" package, and the "Dermace Elite" package.
Both will have the same high standard of training (we don't withhold our advanced levels of training like some training companies do!) but will have different levels of kit to match your budget.
Our Diploma courses will still have machine and kit included (again, we don't grab your attention with low training prices to then charge you thousands for the machinery and kit you'll need!) - and will still offer you the best trainers in the industry!

Stay tuned for more information over the next few weeks.

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A fresh, new website for Belfast-based "Perfect Brow"

If you're looking for new look and feel for your Semi Permanent Makeup Business, then why not consider a web design overhaul? Take a look at our latest site here:
The Perfect Brow
All our sites come with hosting, email, support, and you can change any of the images or text with a simple request. If you feel like you're being held to ransom by your old web designer, then give us a call - no matter where you trained originally!