Supplies site refresh on the horizon

Dermace are giving their Supplies site a brand new look

Back in 2008 we quietly launched our Dermace Supplies site. Originally, it was a way for us to offer Dermace pigments, needles and basic kit items to our technicians - the rest could be purchased from Micropigmentation World (the largest independent site for SPMU products at the time).
In early 2010, we learned from the founder of Micropigmentation World that she was closing the site. This left us with a problem: how could we make sure our technicians had access to the right quality supplies at the right price?
We worked into the night to source and add new products to our modest little site - soon, it was a fully featured supplies site with hundred of products. We wanted to maintain Micropigmentation World's "open to all" ethos, and vowed to always keep the site as independent as possible. Despite all the reputable training companies having online stores, some only allow purchases from technicians who trained with them - we wanted to make our site for everyone.

Our site, as you see it now, has been more popular than we ever could have imagined. We added secure checkout, reviews, and offers - but we have started to outgrow what the software can offer us. It's time to update, improve, expand and refresh.

We'll be in touch again within the next week or so to give you a launch date for our new-look supplies site, with more products, more offers and a great new loyalty scheme.

The Dermace Elite 2 is here!

The successor to our amazing Dermace Elite Machine is here!

The ELITE 2 is now to be included on ALL our Semi Permanent Makeup Diploma training courses. It's the latest machine on the market, and exclusive to Dermace. So - what's new?

* updated design - still with patented protective coating
* the Elite 2 can accept TWO handpieces at once (one handpiece included - additional handpieces are available)
* we now use the standard 3.5mm handpiece plug (so the Elite 2 hand piece will fit into many other popular machines, but will be considerably less expensive to buy. You can also use your favourite hand piece from your existing machine with the Elite 2 so long as it uses the 3.5mm plug)
* The price remains an UNBEATABLE £1,800 for a state-of-the-art Digital Micropigmentation machine (the Elite is also going strong in many HNS hospitals!)


An amazing machine just got even better!

New-look pigment range from Dermace!

New look pigment range!

Dermace pigments have a brand new look, but still retain the same industry-leading formulation.

Get yours at
Give them a try and find out why more and more people are switching to Dermace pigments!

All-New website

Well, after 3 years loyal service, it was time to update our old website.
We hope you like the look and feel of our new site - hopefully it provides a clearer way to get to the information you need. We have added in all the contact methods for people wanting to get in touch for course information, or for support. you'll also notice we have integrated our social media sites too - so you have direct access to our Facebook and Twitter sites.
Keep an eye on this blog for news and updates.....