2014 Dermace Workshop Details

Workshops 2014 - PRICES INCLUDE VAT

Advanced eyeliner
4th July, 3rd October, 1st December £360

Eyeliner is a treatment with a great many techniques to master. On this workshop we focus on using different needles to achieve advanced effects, including two and three tone shadowing. Conquer fears about which needle, speed and angle, also the do's and don'ts associated with the eyeliner area, pain relief and how/when to administer.
Advanced Eyebrow
7th July, 12th September, 5th December £360
This workshop will enable you to create realistic hair stroke eyebrows that will heal as a perfect hair stroke. Our workshop is very extensive and will teach you advanced brow master skills.
Brow colour theory
Placement and brow designing/drawing skills
Placement and direction of hair strokes
Face shapes & brow styles
Application and usage of sloped, flat & single needles to create advanced effects

Advanced lips
8th July, 7th November £360

Certainly one of the most misunderstood treatments, but one of the most rewarding to get right. A good lip procedure is the mark of a great technician, and we can give you the confidence to create amazing 3 dimensional lips using a mixture of needles, techniques and colours.
If you're avoiding booking lip treatments in, join us on this workshop day and we'll re-introduce you to a whole new way to make your clients smile!
If you're finding colour is not holding in your lip treatments - let us show you how it's done. Don't give up – lipliner & blend is an incredibly effective treatment for your clients.

Correction & Removal Workshop - £360
5th August, 6th November

Every permanent make up technician should have experience or qualification in the art of removing or correcting permanent make up. Unfortunately colour or make up correction has become the norm. A technician must have the skill and qualification to rectify. Our workshop will arm you with all these skills. During the day we take a look at case studies and how to make the decision of removal, correction or walk away. We look in depth at protecting technicians from litigation and procedures to follow , also models for colour correction and salt/saline removal during the practical sessions.

Colour theory workshop £400 - includes 10 of Dermace most popular colours (usually £299 plus vat for the pigments alone).
15th August, 10th November

Colour theory is definitely one of the most difficult barriers in our industry with conflicting advice amongst training schools and manufacturers, Dermace make this simple and easy for you to understand and get to grips with, to give you the confidence to apply any shade to your clients

• Colour science
• Introduction into the much-loved Dermace pigment range
• Pigment compositions and regulations
• Create your own shades
• Colour matching made easy
• Colour mixing with confidence

Blusher is back! - £600
9th October

Those of you who have been in the industry for a while will know that all procedures have their popular times, and their quiet times. For a while now, eyebrow procedures have been really popular - but the next big thing is certainly blusher. It's been around for a long time, but it's starting its resurgence already but in a more subtle and understated form. Give your clients a subtle summer glow.

Dermace Meso Re-Vitalize - £400

Meso RE-Vitalize concept allows for the introduction of active substances into the deeper skin layers, precisely where they can be most beneficial.
The Re-Vitalize process causes active substances to stimulate cell metabolism in a more intensive manner and force the regeneration process more effectively. Additionally, mechanical perforation of the epidermis (using the specially designed cartridge) stimulates skin receptors and better blood circulation - much like the dry needling technique (MCA).
Substances with molecules larger than 200nm (vitamins, hyaluronic acid) cannot permeate through the epidermal layer (outer layer) due to the limited space between epidermal cells. Injecting or perforation of the epidermis is the only effective method of introducing these substances to the dermis where they are most effective.
The Meso Re-Vital technique introduces micro-punctures into the epidermis to enhance the transmission of substances into the skin using a SPMU cartridge which contains a plate of 18 needles 0.5mm in length. The needles penetrate the skin at around 0.2 - 0.3mm.
The plate of micro needles is convex and flexible, meaning its surface adjusts to the shape of the treated sites and easily gets to areas which are normally difficult to reach.

The Meso Re-Vitalize therapy is extremely versatile and treatments can be offered for several areas:

• The face
• The neck
• The neckline
• The back of the hand
• Stretch marks and scars

There are 3 options in the Meso Re-Vitalize system

• Rejuvenation Effect Med (Hyaluronic acid, peptides) Stimulates collagen and elastin
• Refreshing Effect Fresh (Vitamins, Q10 and amino acids) Stimulates intense skin regeneration
• Regeneration Effect Pure (Yam root extract, soy extract, amino acids) Stimulates regeneration of tired, dull and dehydrated skin visibly lightens the skin tone

Areola tattooing £1000
22nd July, 7th October, 16th, December

Teresa Gamble, the Head Trainer and Director of Dermace, has trained many surgeons, nurses and medical professionals throughout the UK and Ireland, and is considered to provide unrivalled skills and training within this part of the industry. We have over 10 years experience in the training of areola tattooing in the private & nhs hospitals and offer this training to permanent make up technicians wishing to advance their skills and push into the medical sector. Places are limited due to nhs training demand so book early to avoid disappointment.

Scalp Tattooing - £650
23rd July, 8th October, 17th December.

Scalp tattooing is fast growing in demand in the micro pigmentation industry and has life changing effects on our clients who undergo this treatment. This form of tattooing takes a great deal of skill and patience our workshop is extremely in depth. It includes, anatomy of the scalp, colour theory of the scalp, pain control, application of scalp tattooing, consent & aftercare and maintenance of the procedure.

Hand tool fine hair stroke brows £1200
4th & 5th August

By demand of technicians Dermace brings to you an extensive 2 day training course of the application of hair stroke eyebrows using the hand tool. Teresa Gamble- Fletcher was trained in the hand tool technique 20 years ago and will be teaching this skill to permanent make up technicians. Day 1 consists of theory, consent, and application on practice skin, colour & pain control. Day 2 consists of hands on practical procedures on live models. Attendees must have at minimum of 12 months experience in the permanent make up industry; the fee includes a hand tool kit.

2014 Dermace Advanced Workshops

Remaining dates for the 2014 Workshops are in!

Teresa, Francesca, and Jess would like to invite you to our Advanced workshops. Workshops are available for all qualified technicians.

Advanced Meso Re-Vitalize workshops:
June 14th, July 25th, August 29th, September 26th, October 31st, November 28th

Advanced Brow workshops:
July 7th, 12th September, December 5th

Advanced Lip workshops:
July 8th, November 7th

Advanced Eyeliner workshops:
July 4th, October 3rd, December 1st

MCA - Dry Needling workshops:
July 21st, October 6th, December 15th

Advanced Medical Areola Tattooing workshops:
July 22nd, October 7th, December 16th

Advanced Blusher workshops:
October 9th

Advanced Handtool technique (2 days):
August 4th & 5th

Correction & Removal workshops:
August 5th, November 6th

Colour Theory & Pigment Conversion workshops:
August 15th, November 10th

Advanced Scalp Micropigmentation workshops:
July 23rd, October 8th, December 17th

When booking a workshop, please let us know which company you qualified with.

March Advanced Workshops

Dermace Advanced Workshops dates for March are here!

Workshop dates:

Monday 18th March: Advanced Brow - £300 - One of the biggest earners in your repertoire. Offer your clients even MORE choice!
Tuesday 19th March: Colour Theory & Pigment conversion - £300 - Learn how to get the most out of the Dermace pigment range, and boost your colour knowledge!
Wednesday 20th March: Advanced Liner - £300
Thursday 21st March: Blusher - £550
Friday 22nd March: DERMACE MESO RE-VITALIZE - £400 (inc kit) - This is the Workshop everybody is talking about! The freshest new treatment in Micropigmentation - and another Dermace first!

What are Dermace Workshops all about?

Dermace Workshops are designed to give you an edge to your skills and techniques. You can extend you knowledge of your core skills by attending an Advanced day, or add totally new skills to your repertoire with Medical or Specific training (Meso, MCA, Blusher etc).
All workshops gain you a certificate for your training, and we welcome any and all Qualified technicians onto the workshops.
Lunch is provided, and a great time is always had by all. New contacts are made and experiences shared.

A block of one full week of Workshops will be posted every 5-6 weeks. Keep an eye out for our next block in April.

Due to the huge popularity of our brand new Dermace Meso Re-Vitalize Workshop, we will be training this every Friday from February. More details by clicking here. (

If you would like to attend multiple Workshops days, please get in touch to discuss your DISCOUNT!

You can read more of the technical details by clicking here ( , and we'd also love to answer any of your questions over the phone on 08443579200.

Our Workshops are open to all qualified Technicians from any Academy, and includes lunch, refreshments, and in some cases, a kit.

08443579200 - option 5

Next Workshops

Workshops - new dates released:

11th August - MCA - Click here for more information

12th August - Correction & Removal of Permanent Cosmetics - Click here for more information

Please get in touch to book your place as soon as possible as these courses fill up very quickly!

MCA: £600
Correction: £250

Both workshops are full day courses, and a certificate will be awarded on completion. You lunch will be provided.

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