semi permanent makeup

Trainee Feedback (Verity)

What did Verity think of her Semi Permanent Makeup Training with Dermace?

"Just like to say thank you to all at Dermace for this week. I've had the best time training with you all and was gutted to leave today. I've learnt so much and I'm so glad I chose you for my training and I'm proud to be under your name. See you all soon on my assessment day. Verity xx"


The Dermace Elite 2 is here!

The successor to our amazing Dermace Elite Machine is here!

The ELITE 2 is now to be included on ALL our Semi Permanent Makeup Diploma training courses. It's the latest machine on the market, and exclusive to Dermace. So - what's new?

* updated design - still with patented protective coating
* the Elite 2 can accept TWO handpieces at once (one handpiece included - additional handpieces are available)
* we now use the standard 3.5mm handpiece plug (so the Elite 2 hand piece will fit into many other popular machines, but will be considerably less expensive to buy. You can also use your favourite hand piece from your existing machine with the Elite 2 so long as it uses the 3.5mm plug)
* The price remains an UNBEATABLE £1,800 for a state-of-the-art Digital Micropigmentation machine (the Elite is also going strong in many HNS hospitals!)


An amazing machine just got even better!