Dermace Rejuvi (tm) Training

Dermace are proud to offer their complete Rejuvi training packages. They have been designed to cater for both experienced and novice trainees, and are generally considered to be the most comprehensive courses available today. You can find us on the E-Raze website - listed as an official trainer of the Rejuvi System.

We also welcome Tattoo Artists to come and train in Rejuvi. The system can be a real asset when performing a cover-up, and helps to calm down the original tattoo before you start work on the area with a new design.

Rejuvi is a non-laser tattoo removal system which uses a specially formulated cream to draw the tattoo pigment out of the skin. It is applied using a Micropigmentation machine (which we can supply) in a similar way to the methods used to create the original tattoo. The process is far more comfortable than having a traditional tattoo as we use a numbing cream to treat the area prior to carrying out the procedure.

The key to a successful removal is not only in the insertion of the cream, but also the aftercare of the area. The Dermace Rejuvi Removal Course will give you the knowledge and confidence to achieve fantastic results, and build a successful business.

For those of you who are just starting their career, or are launching a new business with Rejuvi, Dermace can also offer you with their marketing services. We can supply a website, marketing material, logo design, hosting and tech support, and any ongoing optimisation you may need.

The Courses:

Dermace Rejuvi Training comprises:

* What is Rejuvi and how does the system work?
* Consultation and client selection
* Paperwork and consent
* Health & Safety
* Equipment and usage
* Practical application of Rejuvi
* Aftercare
* Scar identification and management

1 day training course for technicians with tattooing experience (with a valid certificate from a Training Academy recognised by Dermace): £850

2 day training course for for trainees with no prior experience (or who have trained with an Academy NOT recognised by Dermace): £1450

Dermace Elite Fully Digital Machine: Please call for latest machine stock offers.