Dermace Advanced Semi Permanent Makeup Workshops

Our workshops are all about developing your skills in specific areas. They are set up complement your Diploma Training, and we also welcome technicians that have completed their basic training at other academies. Sometimes, we may like to see some of your previous work so we know you're getting the best from us, and where help is most necessary.
We generally accept between 8 and 12 technicians on a workshop (Diploma Training is strictly 1 student to 1 trainer). The format is relaxed but informative, and we include a mixture of classroom and practical instruction.
Feedback from our workshops is always extremely positive and new friends are always made due to the social aspect of the workshop. Please see the list of workshops below and contact us for the latest course dates.

We now hold workshops in 5 day blocks so you can make the most of your time with us. Discounts are available for multiple day bookings. 


Dermace Advanced Ombre Course - £550


If you're looking for something new and fresh to offer your clients, then the Ombre course is definitely for you. It's a modern look and commands a premium price, so your training can pay for itself fast!

One day course, with refreshments included. Meet your fellow technicians and share what works for you - all while taking on a great new skill.

Dermace up-skilling course

Brow Up-skill Workshop - £750 For qualified technicians from Dermace and other training schools.

Maximum of 2 techs per Upskills course - includes a live model.

Dermace are excited to introduce this brand new workshop, ideal for technicians already specialising in powdered/block brows who want to add the sought-after hair stroke brow technique, and update their skills.
Whether you are certified by Dermace or another training centre, all technicians are welcome to attend this workshop.  The day starts with a recap on drawing and measuring techniques and colour selection. We thengo on to practice pads initially, then live models where you will be guided by our trainers to create fluffy fine hair strokes within the brow. 
The day is dedicated to enabling you to grow your client base through up-skilling and growing existing knowledge.  In this one day workshop, both theory and practical sessions are featured and new needle configurations such as the 1Liner and Nano needle will be introduced.  This is a perfect stepping-stone between your initial brow training and the Dermace Advanced Brow course.
We will cover varying hair stroke techniques during this one day workshop.  This course aims to make your brows look real and stand head and shoulders above other technicians work.

Advanced Brow Workshop - £500

dermace advanced brow

Dermace-only technicians with minimum 3 months prior work on hairstrokes as well as already practicing techs from other centres. Must show ability in basic hairstrokes.
This workshop is for technicians already competent in the hair stroke brow technique.  This is an observation work shop and your day starts with developing your new skills on practice pads, discussing how and when those skills are best used.  Models are brought into the training room for your Dermace trainer to demonstate the results that these fantastic new skills can achieve. 
We will show you how to develop your brows skills further by using smaller needle configurations to create very fine lasting hair strokes plus the coveted 3D brow using light and shade techniques and 3 different pigment colours.

We will cover varying hair stroke techniques during this one day workshop.  This course aims to make your brows look real and stand head and shoulders above other technicians work.

Advanced Eyeliner Workshop: Qualified Technicians only £500

Now you have perfected the basic eyeliner look within your permanent make up treatments, expand your knowledge and the effects you can create on this one-day workshop. 
Introducing a selection of needle configurations such as power needles and micro needles to create latino eyeliner and thicker liquid eyeliner looks safely.
The day begins with colour theory, and safe working policies and procedures whilst working around the eye area.
This is an observation workshop with the opportunity to practice the techniques during the day on practice pads.The day is finished with demonstrations on advanced eyeliner techniques by our Dermace trainers on models. Take your existing eyeliners to a whole new level.

teresa gamble eyeliner

Dermace Meso Re-Vitalize - £400 (with Kit)

The Re-Vitalize Workshop deserves a page all of it's own as it's such a revolutionary concept. For the more technical aspects of Re-Vitalize, you can take a look at the product page.
The Workshop is open to all qualified Micropigmentation Technicians, and is a day in length. Dermace will supply tea, coffee, and lunch for your workshop day - and also your certificate afterwards.
We will cover all aspects of the theory and practical elements of Mesotherapy and Dermace Meso Re-Vitalize. There will be live models and case studies for you to see the full potential of this amazing new technique.

dermace meso revitaize

Advanced Lip Workshop
Open to all technicians with previous Lip Training - £500

Learn how transform your lip procedures into long lasting full lip colour on this workshop.  Creating long lasting colour with advanced techniques that will assist with colour retention in your treatments.

This workshop starts with theory, colour selection and drawing techniques.  Moving forward onto clever shading and highlighting techniques that will create a 3D lip shape for a more youthful fuller look for your clients.


dermace advanced lip course

MCA - £600

MCA involves improving the physical appearance of scars, burns, acne scaring, stretch marks and fine lines on the face. 
MCA works by inducing a controlled trauma to the affected area. This then encourages the body's natural fluids and collagen back into the area - flattening scars and calming other skin problems.
It's also an ideal add-on treatment for cosmetic technicians with the added bonus of not needing to buy new kit or machines.
We often look upon MCA as a halfway-house between Cosmetic and Medical. You really have the benefit of being able to change people's quality of life with this procedure. 
Contact us for details of the course content and next available dates.

dermace mca

Correction and Removal Course - Dermace beginners only with 3 months experience - £400

Our trainers feel that this workshop is a ‘must’ to have under your belt as a permanent make up technician. 

As a certified technician this course opens up a whole new client base to you.  By being able to correct or remove another persons work you will be able to transform unacceptable or undesired work creating long lasting loyal clients that will return to you only.  We will discuss the longterm implications of some correction work and give you the knowledge of whether it is best to remove or correct.  We will be covering saline removal plus the theory on other removal treatments available on the market today.

This course will also teach you how to correct the particularly common and “Salmon brow” safely using specialist techniques to ensure the best results possible.

correction and removal workshop

Dermace Colour Conversion - open to all - £400

Do you struggle with colour?
Are you looking to Switch to Dermace pigments?
Do you dread the return of your clients for retouch fearing what the healed results will be?
Then this is just the course you need.
Our one-day workshop on colour theory will banish all of your worries and fears.
We will take you right back to basics on this workshop and impart our expert knowledge on how to avoid those unwanted hues as well as how to chose the best colours for your clients and help you understand why!
Dermace have an unbeatable reputation within the industry for our easy to use and trustworthy pigment range. A range you know you can depend on for the best, long lasting results every time.

Join us for the colour theory workshop and we guarantee you will no longer worry about healed results and will fully understand the how and why of colour selection.

dermace pigment guide

Dermace scalp pigmentation

Scalp Densification Workshop.
Dermace Qualified techs - 1 day £1,200
New Techs/Qualified elsewhere - 2 days £2,000

This one-day workshop is ideal for those wishing to add variety and diversity to their portfolio. In this Workshop we're showing you how to add density to thinning areas of the scalp.
Beginning with an introduction to the scalp and the intricate skin around the area.
We will guide you through colour selection and technique used to achieve the most natural results possible as well as the best needle configurations to use.
All technicians will be guided through their technique using practice skins before having the opportunity to work on models where our expert trainers will demonstrate the techniques before assisting you in perfecting your newly gained skills.