Compare Dermace

If you're the kind of person who's looking at training and investing in yourself, the chances are you're the kind of person that has priorities. Things like: Value, Standards, Support, Quality....
This page aims to help you to compare Dermace to other academies while you're shopping around.

Dermace are moving towards a Paperless Office to cut down costs and be more environmentally conscious.

Dermace are moving towards a Paperless Office to cut down costs and be more environmentally conscious.

Feature 1: VALUE

"Value" is different to "Price". Value is a term used to describe what you are actually getting for your money, and where your money actually goes once you have paid. As you may have noticed, Dermace don't have flashy brochures, or Central London training venues. We also avoid things like Celebrity Endorsements, or paying for awards. 

Our training price is based on a very simple formula: We take our costs out (the same as everyone else) and then factor in a small amount to cover things like Support and Development. We don't add on 100% to cover a huge marketing or finance budget. We have no expensive vanity location costs, and all our staff are trained in SPMU - we have no dead-weight. 

Once your training is complete, you'll know you've paid for knowledge (and any kit you've added in). You'll also have paid for continual Support and Mentoring (12 days every year, for the life your career). What you won't have paid for is a huge marketing budget to attract more students. You won't have paid for stacks of glossy brochures. You won't have paid for a TV appearance or celebrity endorsement. 

And why should you? "Value" means making the most of your training budget - and Dermace provide the best Value in the business.

Feature 2: Standards

We made a decision quite a while ago that we wanted to focus on Accreditation and Qualification for our staff and for our Students. We wanted to be judged by professionals in our industry that really mattered - and we wanted international recognition to allow our students the flexibility to work anywhere in the world. 

For that reason, we approached HABIA, ABT, BABTAC*, and VTCT. 

We wanted to show our technicians that our trainers were highly qualified, and the courses they were running were legitimate, tested, and valuable. That's why we pioneered VTCT Level 4 in SPMU, and continue to be one of the most active VTCT Academies in the whole of the UK. We're still the only HABIA Centre of Expertise in Semi Permanent Makeup - and have been for 5 years now. 

It's not enough to just SAY you're the best. You have to prove you're working to the highest standards by being constantly monitored and audited by governing bodies to maintain your standards. 

VTCT and HABIA Approved

VTCT and HABIA Approved


Feature 3: Support

From the very outset, the backbone of what we do at Dermace was built on Support. We are NOT a company that just "sells certificates". With Dermace, you are fully Supported in all aspects of your career - not just your initial training. 

ALL Diploma or VTCT Level 4 students have access to 12 FREE Support and mentoring sessions every year of their career. We hold monthly Support sessions for our technicians to brush up on their skills and maintain confidence. We also give Business and Marketing advice to keep your clients rolling in.

We're serious about you as a Dermace Technician, and we're committed to your development. Who else offers all that, as standard? 

Just Dermace.

Feature 4: Quality

The quality of your training is obviously very important indeed.  We have a constant feedback loop from our students to ensure our courses are being offered and run in the most efficient and effective way possible. If we feel we need to change something, or tighten up on an area of training, we action that based on feedback and listening to our students.

Accreditation plays a big role in the quality of the courses we offer, but also the consistency of the Academy. Dermace have been around for over 10 years, but we've been training technicians for almost 25 years! We are committed to offering the best courses at the best prices in the industry - and we are driven by the feedback our students provide.