What Drives Dermace, and What Does it Mean for You?

Three years ago, we were thinking about how to get the Dermace name to more people, and how to offer more to our technicians. There were several options on the table, ranging from celebrity endorsement, to large-scale paper advertising campaigns. 

After a lot of thought, we decided that celebrity endorsement wasn't really what we were about at Dermace. We felt it would be expensive (and have an adverse impact on our training fees as a result - we'd have to put course prices up to pay the celebrity!) and it wouldn't really be an accurate guarantee of quality for people looking into training courses. We're not really into paying people to say nice things about us - we'd rather you did that!

Large scale advertising was also going to be expensive, and tricky to track it's effectiveness. We have always been big fans of producing good quality content on our website, which in turn means we've always been on page one of Google for our search terms. The best bit about that, is that it's free - meaning we can keep our courses affordable. We do run adverts in the Guild Press, as we think they produce a great magazine that's widely read - but that's about it.

After some more head-scratching, we decided the best course of action was to ask other well-respected companies in our industry to accredit our facilities and our training courses. After all, any company can tell you they're  the best, but we wanted that message to come from other industry professionals as well as happy technicians. 

Fast forward a year and Dermace have accreditations with BABTAC, HABIA, ABT, and possibly the most prestigious governing body in our industry: VTCT

Our HABIA award is for "Centre of Expertise" and we're still the only Semi Permanent Makeup Academy in the country to have this title. Our course content, as well as our training facilities were rigorously assessed and graded. Everything from course plans to fire regulations were scrutinised, so we're very proud to be accredited by such a high profile governing body as HABIA. We have permission to use the Centre of Expertise logo in our marketing campaigns and on our certificates.

BABTAC also required detailed information about our courses and content, as well as our trainer's information and qualifications. BABTAC are a very well-known organisation within the beauty industry, so we're happy to be able to put their emblem on our course certificates. Once again, we're one of a very select few who can use the official BABTAC logo on their certificates.

Our VTCT accreditation has been a year in the making. We worked very closely with VTCT to be able to offer our technicians a properly government-recognised qualification in Semi Permanent Makeup. Our business was studied to make sure we had all our insurances, safety certificates, council registrations needed to be considered a serious Semi Permanent Makeup Training Academy. The process didn't stop there, however, as our trainers also had to excel in all manner of training situations and were assessed closely by the VTCT verifiers. Dermace trainers are among the most highly qualified technicians in the country - as recognised by VTCT.
Our course content and training methods are so comprehensive and effective that we are able to take a technician with no previous experience and train them all the way to a Level 4 standard in Micropigmentation. We are also converting technicians that are already qualified in SPMU, and creating Level 4 VTCT Elite techs - an excellent way to stand out from the crowd!

We're very happy with the progress we've made, as it ticks all the right boxes for us. We wanted potential trainees to be more aware of Dermace when making their training choice, but we didn't want to raise our prices to the roof in order to fund it. All of the accreditations we have earned (and there are more on the way) are as a result of hard work and determination on our part. That same level of commitment and dedication is carried through to our courses - be it a Diploma course, a Level 4 VTCT, or an Advanced Workshop.

We hope you can feel confident that Dermace are the right Training Academy for you. Please feel free to drop in and see us, phone in for a chat, or request a brochure. 

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