The Dermace Elite course is the most popular course we offer. In total, the Elite offers 6 days training plus your assessment day. This is split up into Compulsory Basic training on day one, two brow days, an eyeliner day, a lip day - and we also offer the Meso Revitalize course with the Elite programme. Please note - we offer two days for brows as there is so much to cover - we don’t just show you a single technique, we show you the whole range including hair stoke style, and brow artistry.

In addition to the days mentioned above, you get a ‘workshop discount credit’ to use on one of our selected workshops after you qualify. Please see the ‘Workshops’ section for more information.

The kit included in the Elite course is almost certainly the most generous and comprehensive in the industry. Every consumable you need to carry out your treatments is included in abundance. We tend to suggest that the kit will last between 2 to 3 months - obviously depending on the amount of treatments you carry out.

The machine included in the Elite course is the latest evolution of the Dermace Bio-Evolution Margo, and utilises the latest single use cartridges from MT Derm. We use this machine (and it’s predecessor) in the NHS for medical micropigmentation with great success.

Rest assured, the touchscreen Margo machine is the very best available in the marketplace, and offers the entire range of cartridge configurations - including the Single Micro needle, and Nano needle.

As with all our courses, you’ll be asked to create a portfolio of your work after training, and then send it to us before organising your assessment day. Naturally, unlimited support is on offer should you require it - and it’s not just for your first few months, we continue to support you throughout your career.

Price for the Elite course is £7000 including VAT, Margo machine, and Elite kit. 

We are committed to improving wherever possible to give our trainees the best possible training at the best possible price.