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If you’re looking for help with the promotion of your business, then you should definitely drop Rich an email. He’s a Google Certified Web Manager and can help you with Social Media, Advertising, Website Design, and can help you create a plan of action to get your business working for you. Contact him at

Dermace marketing
It’s important to remember that a Website or Social Media account is only the beginning. You need to understand how they interact, what content to post where (and when), how to analyse your site to see how it’s performing, and how to optimise it for maximum engagement. This is an ongoing process - and I’m here to help you manage that task.
— Rich - Dermace

Here’s an example of a typical package

*Website - Fully designed and hosted to your tastes (mobile and Desktop ready)
*Domain Management (your website site address)
*Email Management (we host your email for you - and you have a proper, professional address like for example.
*Google Business Listing - very important for your Google profile and for people searching for you on the web and mobile.
*Google Analytics reporting (so you can see your sites performance and we can make changes to tweak)
*Social Media Integration - keeps you in front of people
*Blogging Service - great for your organic SEO and to keep people coming back to your site
*Stock imagery (to make your site look nice );)
*Optional Adwords Marketing - We can boost your site with Adwords if you want to go down that route. I can manage this process for you.
*Full Organic (free) SEO monitoring - constant curation of your site and it's ranking
*50% Discount on Marketing Workshops I'll be holding through Dermace

I've been in the industry for a while now, and have been involved in Sales and Marketing for 20 years. I know how to create sites that really speak to your potential customers, but more importantly, I know how to make them perform. For the price, there's no better way to build your business and keep it growing. I'll be on hand to consult on all technical matters, including:

*phones/tablets/laptops etc
*logos and branding
*sales campaigns
*general coaching
*video marketing