Dermace Microblading Training Course and VTCT Level 4

If you’re looking for the ultimate in Microblade training, then the Dermace Level 4 Microblading course is for you.

Our Microblading course has been waiting in the wings for the last few years, awaiting VTCT Accreditation at level 4. Now we can offer the Dermace Diploma AND the Level 4 certificate in Microblading. We can even convert your existing Microblading Certificate to a VTCT Level 4.

If you’re looking to spread the cost of your Microblading Training Course, we have the answer.
Typical figures are:
£400 deposit
12 x £150 Payments
That’s just half a treatment per month to cover your costs!
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We're with you every step of the way - and that includes all your support and aftercare

We're with you every step of the way - and that includes all your support and aftercare

Live models are included in your course price.

Live models are included in your course price.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a treatment for implanting pigment into the skin to create a realistic hairstroke, or artistic eyebrow designs. It's very similar in principal to Semi Permanent makeup with a Machine - but the "Microblade" itself is a Hand-Tool (see image above, right). This method was popular 20-30 years ago, but is enjoying something of a resurgence at the moment. 

What's the Difference between Microblading and Machine SPMU?

Microblading is a more cost-effective way of producing Semi Permanent Eyebrows. There's no machine involved, so costs are quite low. It's worth noting that, in general, Brows tattooed using a machine will last longer. In terms of design, or "look", the Machine does most of the work for you, while the Microblade requires a 'feel' that will develop as you train. You can create a finer hairstroke with a Microblade, but you are mostly limited to Brows. The machine allows you to branch into Eyeliner, Lips, Meso, and Medical tattooing. 

The Machine is an evolution, or development, of the Microblade. Some people think "Microblading" refers to the style of brow, but Hairstroke is also taught with the machine. The Microblade itself is literally the Hand Tool you see in the picture above.

Why is the Dermace Microblading Course the Best Training I can get?

We've developed this course using contemporary techniques as well as Teresa's 25 years experience in Microblading and Advanced Permanent Makeup. We think we have a great blend of modern and classic microblading styles on our 3 day course, and we offer a fantastic range of supplies to back you up.

You course includes 3 intensive days training covering all aspects of Brow Artistry, Colour choice, design, face shapes and how to enhance, Health and Safety, Microblade types and results - and Live models provided by us.

We teach Hairstroke AND Powdered** styles at Dermace. 

We ensure you get a perfect balance of practical and classroom-based tuition, and classes never contain more than 2 students* to ensure maximum attention to you. This training cannot be rushed or condensed, and our tuition carries on way after you leave the academy.

As with all courses we offer, you get your unlimited support and mentoring built-in. We can add you into our Facebook Support Group where you'll mix with other Dermace techs and get the benefit and positive encouragement from techs of all skill levels.

The price for the Dermace Microblade course is just £1999 for a Dermace Certificate, or £2999 for a VTCT Level 4.
If you're a Machine-trained technician, then please head over to our
Fast-Track section to your prices for Microblading.

The Dermace Microblade Training offers the best gateway to Semi Permanent Makeup - and you can add in the VTCT Level 4 as an option if you wish! Message or call 07447777107 for more details.

Ask us about adding in a Level 4 VTCT conversion if you'd like to boost your certificate.

Ask us about adding in a Level 4 VTCT conversion if you'd like to boost your certificate.

* - unless previously agreed by all trainees. 
** - Powdered Technique is a Workshop Session. Special rates are offered to Dermace Techs for this Workshop.