Linking Social Media: FOUR

Linking Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to help your Semi Permanent Makeup Business.

Linking up your Social Media Accounts can be a great time-saver. It should be used for images only though, ideally, as the different networks offer a different relationship with your audience.

  • Twitter: Allows you to make announcements and updates that don't really need a response.
  • Facebook: Offers the same as Twitter, but also encourages conversation and sharing.
  • Instagram: As with Twitter, it's more broadcast than recieve - but with images/pictures
  • Website Gallery or Blog: Your website will always benefit from updated information and images.

So, linking all your networks allows you to create content in one, and share with the rest. Seems like a simple enough task, but it needs some careful thought. For example; if you link your Facebook and Twitter accounts, you need to make sure which is the "master" account. If you set up to re-create all your FB posts on Twitter, you're going to potentially annoy a lot of people. The reason being, Twitter is a service that limits it's posts to 140 characters - so if your Facebook post is longer than that, it'll be cut short and a link to the Facebook article will be posted at the end. This has a couple of implications:

  1. Twitter fans feel like you're being a bit lazy by just copying posts over.
  2. Many people dislike Facebook for one reason or another, and feel excluded by the link.
  3. Twitter is for fast, short bursts of information - Facebook is not.
  4. You may not get the information over in the post within the 140 char limit.

With this in mind, you should try to post Tweets separately from your Facebook posts. You can cover the same subjects, but you'll need to keep it short and snappy - maybe linking to a blog post on your site (people are fine with that, as the web is open and doesn't need a log-in to view).

There are many services out there that allow you to "schedule" tweets. Twitter's own app: Tweetdeck is a favourite among Social Media managers, and allows you to write a collection of tweets and schedule them to post at certain times. It also allows you to monitor hashtags (such as #spmu for example) and react to them if desired*

My favourite method of linking Social Media accounts is by using Instagram as the "parent" account. I take photos around the Academy, and upload them to Instagram. You can do this straight from your mobile phone if you wish, and there are many technicians out there doing amazing things with Instagram's collages and filters. Once you have the image you want to use in Instagram, you can add some comments (keep them short) and hashtags* - then it's time to post the image.

Here's where the linking comes in. In Instagram, you're able to link to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and Swarm. Right now, we're only interested in Facebook and Twitter. You'll need to tell Instagram what your Facebook and Twitter accounts are, and give it permission to post to them. once that's done (you'll only need to do this once) you can tick the share boxes before posting and hit the send button. Done.

The important distinction between the method above, and other linking methods, is that Instagram preserves the image AND the text (and hashtags). On Twitter, you'll see the image and the text, on Facebook you'll see the same. Everything is preserved the way you want it to look. That's why it's my favourite tip for linking accounts.

It's important to understand the difference between all the networks available to you. They all have different places in your strategy, and all need to be approached individually. The reason I love the linking method above, is because it can help keep your Social Media Feeds fresh and colourful. It's not a substitute for creating interesting content - which we'll cover later on.

Rich :-)

*hashtags are a way for people to search for certain subjects within Social Media networks. They started out life as a feature in Twitter, but has been quickly adopted by Facebook and Instagram also. It's kind of like a tag, or bookmark to allow others to find your posts. Don't go too crazy with them though. You can make a post look pretty messy if you're not careful.