Adding your Business to Apple Maps

Most people with an iPhone or iPad probably use the Apple Maps app on their devices. It's there as standard when you set up the phone, and that's what most people like to use.

The thing is, Apple Maps listings are not just used in the Maps app. If you use Safari (the web browser) on an iPhone or iPad, and you search for a business, it'll tend to suggest likely results at the top of the screen. See my example below.

Dermace apple maps

This happens regardless of the search engine you're using - you can see in the image above that I'm using Google. I now have the business I'm looking for right at the top of the page in prime location.

Apple Maps is nowhere near as accurate or comprehensive as Google Maps, so it's very important to take control of your business listing yourself.

This is fairly straightforward, but does require an Apple ID (free to create). You'll have an Apple ID if you use an iPhone, Mac, or iPad.

Here we go:

1. Go to

Log in with your Apple ID and password. You can create one for free if you don't already have one.

2. Select your relationship to your business.

You’ll be prompted to do this on the "Add a New Business Page", which you’ll be automatically directed to after you log in.

3. Enter your business details.

This is where you add in your business name, primary business phone number and business address details.

4. Verify your business phone number.

You will be prompted to allow Apple to call the number you supply. The call will provide you with a PIN code from Apple. If needed, you can opt to “Verify Later.”

5. Confirm your business location.

There are three categories to choose from, each with several business types included.

6. Confirm your hours of business.

List the hours you’re open from Apple’s list of seven days and you’re good to go.

7. Add your company website and social media accounts.

Simply type or cut, copy and paste the URLs for them into the fields in the Add More Details section.

8. Review your business information.

Make sure everything is correct and confirm.

If Apple need to confirm anything, they'll be in touch. You should see your details on Apple Maps within the week.

As always, get in touch with me if you need help.