Frustrated with Facebook and Instagram?

If you're fed up of wondering why your Facebook or Instagram posts aren't getting the engagement you want, then you need to take a step back.

Think about things with a fresh perspective. Don't keep plugging away using the same old methods -

"if you keep doing what you're doing, you keep getting what you're getting"

So, let's think about who we're trying to reach. Let's put ourselves in their shoes, and figure out what their behaviour will be to get to their goal. Initially, they may just want to know more about Semi Permanent Makeup - they may be spooked by pushy special offers.

What do you think their first port of call will be?

Research shows that a huge percentage of people rely on a Google Search to get the answers they want. It's also shown that a whopping 85% of searches are now carried out on a mobile device or tablet. If you wanted to know where the nearest bakery was - you'd ask Google exactly that: "Where's the nearest baker to me"

If you're with me so far, then it stands to reason that Google aren't going to be serving up Facebook or Instagram Pages in their search results. It's going to be websites - and depending on the actual search term used (the phrase they typed into Google) it's likely to be local businesses that are shown. From there, they select from the results they like the look of, or maybe those closest to them.

Still no sign of Facebook or Instagram!

So - with a good website and properly managed Google Business listing, you're going to get a visit from a potential customer. In other words, they've taken the bait, and they're on the end of your fishing line. Now, you've just got to land them!

Your website should take your visitor on a journey - and I'll bet it's not the route you're assuming they'll take! You must resist the temptation to introduce yourself (and your many achievements) on the landing page (the first page they see - your homepage). They don't care if you're "Business Person of the Year" in your little area - they want to know one thing:

"What can you do for them."

Now is your time to shine. Tell them about all the great things you can do for them - look younger, feel great, perfect makeup all day.....all the benefits of your treatments WITHOUT just showing them a treatment list. It's the painting that they want, not the brush you used.

OK - so now they're interested, it's time to start reeling them in (that's not the end of the fishing references, I promise). They want the things you're offering - now they want to know a little more. It's time to show them some more in-depth information about your treatments, and some good 'before & after' images will go a long way here. They're learning at their own pace, and you're the one that's helping them. Guiding them. You're the expert, and that's giving them confidence in you. Now, it's time to introduce yourself, and reassure them that you're a fully certified, insured and council regulated professional. Tell them about all the ways that you're working for their safety, comfort, and experience. Tell them about some of the people you've treated that are ecstatic - and show them testimonials.

Still no Facebook or Instagram.

They're still in control - but they're in your little world. They can jump around your site, read your blog (more on this later), see your gallery - and contact you! You're almost there. You could even offer them an incentive to message you - "10% off a treatment when you contact me for a consultation today"

A consultation? That's not too daunting is it? A chat? A chance to meet the technician behind the website? Why not?

Give them as many ways to contact you as possible. Make it frictionless and fun - Whatsapp, iMessage,'s up to you - but don't lift yourself to just one method.

Now, look at how far we've come. We've taken the client through a journey that WE engineered, to allow them to see the right information in the right order. More often than not, they'll close themselves - and they'll be in the net!

They didn't see a sidebar full of competitors, they didn't see a collection of hashtags designed by Instagram to keep them scrolling away from your content. They weren't bombarded with adverts designed to take away their attention. And they didn't have to see your dodgy memes, or Snapchat filters (yes, we can all spot a filter a mile off).

Take control of your content. Make it work for you, and don't think Facebook or Instagram are helping anyone but themselves.

Social Media has it's place - but it's increasingly time-consuming and costly to get in front of peoples eyeballs. Create your own place on the web - and build it, curate it, and nurture it. Use the free tools that are out there to give you the best chance possible. When you work on your own website, you're building your brand from a solid base, and it improves all the time. When you spend your time on Social Media, it's only effective while you're there in it's bubble. Your content is fleeting, temporary - you don't get to decide how it's presented or who gets to see it.

Start building your OWN place on the web.

If you need help doing that - just ask me!

Rich - Dermace