VTCT - What it IS and what it ISN'T

Dermace have been offering the Level 4 VTCT for many years now - before the rumours of it being made compulsory were even circulating. We were also one of the first academies in the UK to offer the Level 4 in Microblading.

The VTCT is classed as a conversion course, since there is no actual 'training' involved in the process. It's purely a test of your ability and knowledge. When a Dermace VTCT course is offered, it has two elements: The initial training, and the VTCT Conversion. If you are already trained and certified, then you only need to carry out the Conversion element. Think of VTCT conversion as a Driving Test, rather than the Driving lessons.

Some people elect to get the entire process over and done with at the start, and others wait until they are up and running with the Dermace Diploma first. As stated on the website, there are assignments, a portfolio, and an assessment required for VTCT (www.dermace.co.uk/vtct). As you can imagine, it suits some people to get everything done while they're "in the zone" - but others just don't have the time (or they prefer to develop their skills before converting).

Dermace Companion Pack and Tracker

As part of our ongoing commitment to our students, we have devised a VTCT Companion Pack for techs undergoing the Level 4 certificate. We collaborated with a highly experienced VTCT assessor to create a pack that is great for tracking your progress through the assignments, and making sure you have completed all the necessary sections before submitting the coursework.

This pack will help to get students through the process faster, and reduce re-submissions.

The VTCT process is technician-lead, in the same way as Dermace Support (when you need help, you get in touch). It's the technician's responsibility to drive their own progress through VTCT process. We are on-hand to help and guide you, but it's the technicians responsibility to complete the work.