Aisha - A few words about determination.

This is one of the most pleasing BlogPosts I've ever written.
I'm hoping it will inspire, and motivate you in the same way it did me - and I hope it makes you dig just that little bit deeper to reach your goals.

This a brief story about one of our Dermace students. Her name is Aisha.

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To meet Aisha, you'd notice a very happy, confident woman, with an almost-permanent smile on her face. You'd also notice that she's heavily pregnant at the time of this post.
She's modest, but highly motivated, and has earned the Medal of Excellence for Fashion and Design, the Creative Crafts Award, and The Lions Award.

Aisha came to train with us on the 8th May this year.
When she came to chat to me about training, Aisha said that she wanted to get started straight away - before baby was born. She was looking for a complete career change and the Microblading course was quickly settled on. Aisha has a strong background in fine art and fashion design, and felt that a more direct connection with the skin was best for her - machine could wait for later.

Aisha felt a change in career was necessary, as her work with textiles and sewing was becoming more and more challenging. The thing you might not notice about Aisha at first meeting her, is that she suffers with a severe case of Chronic Arthritis - and I'm not talking about feeling a bit stiff in the cold weather. Aisha has had both shoulders replaced twice, and her right hand is fused to her wrist with a metal rod - meaning no movement or flexibility in the wrist at all. Luckily, Aisha is left-handed, so her SPMU work is unaffected for now.

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For most people, this condition would leave them house-bound - but Aisha is made off some pretty tough stuff! She trained in May, created her entire portfolio, and was assessed at the end of June. Her work is stunning, and her models are all asking to be re-touched by her. Take a look at some of the pictures in this post, and just try to imagine the challenges she must face while Microblading.

When you're finding it tough, and you want to quit - PLEASE come and read this post again. You CAN do this - you just need to work at it. We're here for you if you get stuck, and we WANT to help you be successful.

Massive congratulations to Aisha - she's an inspiration!