Alternative Needles

Ellie’s Blog on alternative needles

As a new technician coming into the semi-permanent make-up industry you are shown a set variety of needles, usually including 4 flat or 3 sloped to achieve a basic hairstroke brow.

However as you become more familiar with your machine and your skill set develops there are many more needles you can use to create the same, if not a more advanced result. If you’re a technician that prefers to work with a 3 sloped needle a great alternative would be the 5 sloped. It works in a very similar way to the 3 sloped however gives a much bolder brow, not for the faint hearted that’s for sure.

The 5 V sloped needle is a cross between the 4 flat and the 3 sloped, It gives the effect of a 4 flat, however, and is used in the same technique and angle as a 3 sloped. If you’re very light on your pressure the single needle would be a great one to try this needle (if used correctly) will give a very delicate hairstroke eyebrow. There is a wide spectrum of needles to try once you feel ready to expand your needle range and try new techniques.

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Ellie Taylor

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