A Quick Note on Machines

I’m writing this post to clear up a few recent questions about machines.

Dermace use two primary machines within our academy:

The BioEvolution Margo & The BioEvolution Vena

We are the Official UK supplier or BioEvolution products (Pigments, Needles, machines etc) - and BioEvolution have their Machinery and Needles manufactured in Germany by a company called MTDerm.

MTDerm also produce machines and needles for training companies such as Nouveau Contour and Finishing Touches, who both also offer excellent machines with their own design and USP’s.

The most recent generation of the Margo machine uses a fairly new cartridge system that you can see below:

Nano Needle to fit the BioEvolution Margo

Nano Needle to fit the BioEvolution Margo

Although they all look the same, the cartridge systems are married to the machine brand. So, BioEvolution Needles only fit BioEvolution machines, FTG needles only fit the Precision Plus , and NC needles only fit the Intelligent etc etc.

This decision was made by the manufacturer to assure genuine needles were being used in every treatment. The integrity of the seals and the fact that they have been gamma sterilised and correctly sealed ensures client safety and gives you the most reliable, consistent needles to work with. 
The previous generation needles were widely copied with varying degrees of quality. Some were not sealed in the packet correctly (meaning your needle is not sterile on opening), others had backflow of fluids during a treatment - which is also very dangerous to the health of you and your client. In some cases, there simply wasn’t even a lot or expiry code - meaning that in the event of an issue, that needle cannot be traced to the manufacturer. 

As I said above - varying degrees of quality are available. Some will seem fine on first inspection, others will perform fine too. The reason I mention this is to give you an idea of why MTDerm decided to link needle cartridges to machines/suppliers.

Now, onto the issue we are seeing today:

Some of our technicians are being advised to alter, or modify their handpieces to accept cartridges from other suppliers. 

This will void your warranty and damage your machine.

We will not advise you to bend anything, or tweak any part of your machine in order to accept our needles if you don’t have a BioEvolution machine. The components within a handpiece are delicate and will not tolerate being bent or twisted outside of their original design specs. In this case, you have two options:

1: Purchase a new handpiece/machine from the supplier you wish to buy needles from.
2: Purchase your cartridges from the supplier that stocks the correct needles for your machine. 

If you are being asked to modify your handpiece, please understand this: The person asking you to do this KNOWS the situation with handpiece/needle matching. They are asking you to throw away your warranty and guarantee for your machine - think about that for a moment. MTDerm know these handpieces inside out, and will charge a fee for repairs carried out on equipment that has been altered out of spec. This is standard practice on most products you buy for work or the home.

I hope that has cleared up a few questions. Be safe when treating your clients, and please contact me if you have further questions. 

We also offer bulk orders for needles now, so please feel free to take advantage of that.