Why Blogs are Crucial to YOUR business

Maximising Your Content

Today, I’m going to chat about content….

Now, the word "Content" is banded about quite a lot these days, but for the purpose of our situation and our industry, I’m going to define it in the following way:

“Any images, reviews, or client stories that you can share with your networks to draw attention to yourself and your services”

The time you spent with your client is relatively short, but you can make sure that time is WORKING for you well after the treatment is over. You need to ask the questions, take the pictures, get the quotes etc - it’s all “content”

I originally started out in Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing, and we used “Patient Pictures” all the time. It’s a simple way of talking about a patient, or in your case - a client.

Factors such as: why they’re with you? What are their goals? - you can use the same stories to get your potential clients hooked.

The gym-goer, the Police Officer, the mature lady with over plucked brows, or any other need for Micropigmentation.

All stories will resonate with someone out there. What’s the REASON they’re seeing you? What can you do for them? These are the important, and often overlooked questions.

The Content you create is your digital currency. If you don’t blow your own trumpet a bit, who’s going to do that for you?

Relying on a happy client to write a review or send you a snap of their healed brows weeks down the line is not good enough these days.

You have to be in control of that. You have to get the picture or quote BEFORE they leave.

How will people be convinced to visit you for a consultation if they don’t see your content?


Last year at MPUK, I talked about Facebook advertising, and how to target your audience effectively. This year, my message is a bit broader than that.

One company that you probably don’t think of each day (certainly not as much as Facebook and Instagram) …...is Google.

Now, Google is more of a verb than a noun these days, (you “Google” something, rather than search for it) but you should always think about the long-game, and never neglect your relationship with Google services.



Who here remembers Tom? Tom was the first friend that was added automatically to your MySpace account - he actually owned Myspace back in the day. Nowadays, very few people actually know what Myspace is, or who Tom is. Why am I mentioning Myspace? Because it was huge at one time, and now - all the content, images, posts, opinions….everything - is gone forever. What’s to stop that happening with any of the Social networks we use right now? Snapchat will be the next down the drain I think…..along with all your valuable content...

Google have been around longer than Facebook, and will continue long after Facebook goes the way of MySpace. The time and effort you put into Google will last well into the future - the effort you put into Facebook is fleeting and temporary.

Likes do not equal sales, or even quality sales leads.

Imagine Google as an Elephant - it’ll remember everything you say, and they have a long lifespan. Now think of Facebook as Dory from Finding Nemo: Very bubbly and enthusiastic, but nothing you say to her lives longer than a few seconds.

Both are important - and both need to used together. The good news is, it’s easy.

We all have a website - don’t we???

Don’t be fooled into thinking you can make do with social media alone. It's just one part of the puzzle.

If you don’t think you can manage or create a site yourself, come and speak to me and I’ll explain how you ABSOLUTELY can. Don’t be fooled by the smoke and mirrors that web designers spin.

So - your website:

One of the most powerful tools you have on your website is your BLOG.

Most people think you need to be a writer to start blogging, but this isn’t true at all. Blogging need only be a picture and a comment underneath if that’s all you have to share. If you’re feeling creative, you could add a client story (as we mentioned earlier - (patient pictures).

Most important aspect is consistency. Keep blogging regularly.

So, why is blogging so important? Well, it’s like hiding secret vegetables in your kids meals. You get so many benefits, without really realising it.

Lets see:

1- create a hyperlink that includes your chosen keywords (great for organic seo). Something like: www.yoursite.com/blog/brows-for-active-people

2- create content (keywords) and images that Google can use to index your site more effectively (google DOES understand image content these days too) - Use words you want to be associated with when people search.

3- show Google that your site is being maintained and refreshed with new content regularly (another great tip for organic seo, and the MAIN thing that will keep your site ranking)

4- when we first started blogging about VTCT, we were actually ranking higher than the official VTCT site in the search results due to the activity around the posts we  were publishing. It’s easy.

5- drop your blog links straight into Facebook. You’ll get the Facebook reach AND you’ll drive traffic to your site to read the blog post (again - can you see the trend? - great for seo) Your Facebook readers will also get a headline that should grab their attention - taken right from your Blog Post

6- all blog posts can be shared on social media by others too - from your site. Creates virality.

7- create unique calls to action that trigger real, quality enquiries - this sending people to your “Contact Us” page - (more on why this is important later on.)

8- blogging boosts your website’s ranking, and it’s likelihood of being served up in search results (the holy grail).

What’s The “Problem” with social media -

One of the issues that could face you more and more these days, are competitors poaching clients from your social media page. We have even had this happen to us as a Training company!

The scenario goes like this:

You put out an offer for a treatment and you get lots of people commenting under your post. Great right?

Well, don’t put it past your competitors to Private Message those followers and offer them treatments on the side. There are people out there that are that desperate - and why do their work for them?

There are parasites out there that will try to benefit from your hard work. Don’t be a victim. If they can't compete with their own ideas, they should fail gracefully and leave us to get on with it.

You can contact each follower privately and then delete their comment - that’s one way.

If you do that, please take time to explain to the commenter why you’re deleting their comment!

The way I’m proposing here is to post a blog link on Facebook, rather than create a new Facebook Post. In that case, they’re taken to a Blog post on your site and they can then respond to a call to action (contact page). Everything is kept “in house” - Problem solved.

Have a Plan, and Stick to it!

Where are the images you took 6 months ago? Can you re-surface them? Do you have a system in place to make sure they aren’t lost in the timeline?

With a blog post, you can look back into the past and re-post them to Facebook periodically when business is slow. Mix them in with your current content and keep your activity consistent.

So - to Sum-Up

Rather than just posting to Facebook, why not try posting to your blog? The amount of work is fractionally more, but the benefits are huge.

It’s really easy to expand the network even further too, if you want to:

1: Write blog

2: Post to Facebook

3: Link Facebook to Twitter

4: Link Facebook to Instagram

One post = all bases covered AND continual growth and development of your brand.

Any questions………...PLEASE feel free to email rich@dermace.co.uk