The Dermace "Getting more Clients" course

Last month we piloted a new course we'd like to run regularly called "Getting more Clients". The course was run by a Dermace Technician, and expert marketeer, Nikki Butler - who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of PR, motivation, and business development for large corporations. 

We're delighted to share some feedback on the course below:

"Well what can I say Nicola was absolutely lovely and the course was really really helpful and so informative. I loved it. I have taken a lot from the course and started to put things into action already and started my plan. I’m super excited. And hope that it will take my business to the next level. Nicola was so helpful and explained things I hadn’t even considered. I was surprised that not more people attended. It was definitely worth every penny of it.
Would highly recommend x"


"It was such a good course and so helpful. I think anyone who wants to build their business and become successful I think this course is so helpful and give you pointers and ideas you hadn’t even thought about. I really enjoyed and have taken away a lot from it"

As a training academy, Dermace have always supported students throughout their career - and that doesn't end in the training room. We're here for your business needs as well as your tattooing support.