Yes, we DO shout about VTCT Level 4!

Had some great feedback from a student last week.

She said that one of the other Academies (a pretty big one, too) had stated that Dermace “shout about Level 4 all the time” and that it wasn’t really recognised or relevant anyway!

This amused us quite a bit - not only because that same Academy sent some of their trainers to us for conversion last year when the Level 4 was a hot topic, but also because the VTCT Level 4 was selected by us BECAUSE of its recognition in the industry.

I understand that not all Academies want to get involved with Level 4. It’s not compulsory - despite what certain people were scare-mongering just a year ago. It’s not a requirement in most areas of the UK (at the time of writing this post). It’s your choice.

All of those things are true - but we still shout about it, because it’s an internationally recognised qualification with 36 CPD points attached to it, and is seen as the Gold Standard by many in our industry.
We’re incredibly proud of our VTCT Status (as well as our HABIA CoE), as any Training Centre should be. We’ve opened our doors to VTCT and been thoroughly vetted and audited for quality standards. We embarked on this journey a long time before it was a spotlight issue - and we will continue with it indefinitely.

So, I’m glad we’re seen as a company that shouts about genuine advantages we offer our students - because that’s who we put first: our students.

Rich - Dermace