Emma Piggott - Support and Mentor South of England

We have the greatest pleasure in introducing you to a new member of our team at Dermace: Emma Piggott

Emma has been in the Permanent Makeup industry since 2001, and has been a dedicated Support Technician for the last 9 years.

She has the benefit of seeing the industry from the perspective of a technician, and also a member of staff for one the largest Academies in the UK - so her ability to support students is unrivalled. She is passionate about attaining and maintaining high standards within the industry, and enjoys sharing her vast experience with technicians.

Emma says: 

“I have gained a great deal of insight, not only to the needs of students, but also of their clients - and the problems that can arise. I’m always keen to share my knowledge and stand by my techs”

Emma has attended numerous industry training courses and believes there is always room for more knowledge. She has also learned that every technician experiences good, and ‘not-so-good’ procedures - and as long as they continue to care, they will always improve.

Emma will be on hand to develop and mentor technicians in the South of England, and continue to maintain the best support in the business.

Welcome, Emma - we’re very happy to have you with us.


Dermace Team

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