The Various Flavours of Free Support

Pretty much every training company out there will offer "Free Support" - but what does that actually entail?

We've heard from quite a few technicians about this, and we're constantly surprised by what other Academies consider "Support".

Let's outline our own position first: What do Dermace offer?

Well, we've always been very transparent about the Support that we offer, and we were the first major training academy in the UK to offer Post-Training Support for free. We often use the phrase "Support is at the heart of what we do" - and we really stand by that - but what does it mean for our Techs, or potential students?

We offer all the usual Support you'd expect. Things like phone, SMS, Whatsapp, FaceTime, Email, and Support Documents. We also have a thriving Support Group on Facebook, where veterans, trainers, and novices can all come together in a positive, non-judgemental environment.

Where Dermace differ is that we also offer our students 12 Free Support Sessions every single year of their career. We host the Support days every month, and students call us to enrol. From there, we can address confidence issues, update skills, and generally keep you at the top of your game.

We get great feedback from the sessions, and students tell us the Support system keeps them keen and in touch with their clients. Of course, the group also swaps best practices for marketing, supplies, and how they make their business flourish.

Our goal is not just to train our Students. Our goal is to create confident technicians with thriving businesses. Anything less is half a job.