A few Words on Level 4 Rumours

Dermace decided we wanted to offer VTCT several years ago, and worked towards that goal to set ourselves apart as an exemplary Training Academies. 

There's a lot that goes into becoming a VTCT Academy, and theres a lot our staff have worked through to be able to teach at that level. All kinds of requirements and regulations need to be met, and standards adhered to.

Fast-Forward a year or so, and rumours emerge about Level 4 being made compulsory in our industry - which made us glad we had prepared. However, at that point, they were only rumours and chatter - no official word.

There's a lot of talk about November 2017 being the date all techs MUST be at Level 4 - but again, if you delve a little deeper into the facts, that's not set in stone by any means.
There WILL be a Register of Practitioners for Level 4 Techs, but at this point it's purely voluntary - but would certainly boost any Tech's credentials to be included on there.

We have heard reports of Techs in certain London Council districts that have been ordered to "down-tools" and cease tattooing until they have their level 4. No notice, no grace period, nothing. These reports are very much "second hand", so we're also sceptical about the exact circumstances surrounding them. As we all know, what starts in London tends to filter through to the rest of us in due course. 

How long? We don't know - there's NO WAY to know.
Is it a certainty? We don't know that either, but we all know how much local authorities like paperwork and bureaucracy, so I'd lean towards "yes"....

What we're doing here is offering you all a chance to:

1: Prepare for the possibility of this new requirement
2: Gain an internationally-recognised qualification
3: Set yourself apart as an assessed level 4 Tech
4: Earn an NVQ equivalent certificate in your industry
5: Earn 36 CPD points to take forward with you
6: Do all of the above for the cost of 3 or 4 treatments

So, do you HAVE to do this? No. 
November could come and go and you could be fine for months to come. The register is NOT compulsory at the time of writing this post. However, if your local council decides to bring in this requirement, you'll need to be ready to react.

This is NOT an insurance issue. Your insurance company will still cover you - HOWEVER, if you make a claim and they find your local authority requires Level 4 (and you don't have it) they would most likely void your cover.

We have various costs associated with carrying out a VTCT course. Not only do we have our own staff to pay, but we also have to pay various verifiers and officials from VTCT to oversee certain parts of the assessments (as well as paperwork and booklets etc). We have stripped our fees to the bone because we feel this is something you would really benefit from.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst.


Dermace Academy