Social Media Etiquette: TEN

Social Media Disputes

There's an old saying that I think works well with this topic: 

"Never wrestle a pig. You both get filthy, and the pig actually enjoys it" 

I know it's easy to say, but getting into heated debates and arguments on Facebook NEVER ends well. There are people out there with endless hours to spare making other people's lives hell. You are too busy to engage with these people - they are obviously not doing so great if they have the time to behave in this way.

So, turn the other cheek, be the bigger person, just let it lie - whatever saying works for you. The one time you do react is the time your comments are screen-shot and saved for when they can cause maximum damage. Even if you regret it and delete, it's too late.  

You should always try to respond positively and politely if you really MUST engage. After all, if you have a client with an issue, your main priority is to fix it and prevent it happening again. It's one of the main ways you'll improve your service. You'll often find that if you're polite and helpful, the problem will be solved much quicker (if there was a genuine issue to begin with). If the poster is simply malicious, and you don't recognise their name, at least people will see that you've done everything you can to solve the problem.

As I say, some people cannot be reasoned with, and many more people aren't even real! I know this last one sounds strange, but some people are very keen on fake accounts simply as a way to damage other people's business. Theres a small Beauty training academy in Bradford who use these tactics quite a bit, and they've even used them on students too. It all just points to the same conclusion though: how busy are you if you have time for that nonsense?  

So that's my take on social media etiquette. Keep calm, and carry on. Keep your paperwork in good shape, get all the forms and consents signed, and make sure keep notes and pictures. An extra 10 minutes going through a checklist could be a life-saver further down the line. Remember: paperwork and insurance are NOT optional!

Rich :-)