Website Layouts. A Journey.

 Common Mistakes when Designing your Website.

I can always spot when a technician has had a strong hand in the layout of their website. I can understand why they want to lay their site out the way they do. They've invested a lot in training, a lot in kit, and an awful lot in self-belief.

All very good points. All completely irrelevant to your clients and prospects.

They don't want to know all about YOU on the landing page of your site. That's not what they're there for. They want to know what you can do for THEM.

You have to take your visitors on a gentle, yet persuasive journey through your site.

Don't worry about blowing your trumpet - they'll want to hear that later on right before they make a decision.

First off: try to put yourself in their shoes. What would you want to know? What order would you like to know things?

My preferred route is:

1: Landing page (home). Tell them what you can do for them. Nice, aspirational images of people as diverse as you can get. As you'll know, you can easily alienate more mature clients by exclusively using images of young models for all your images. The same applies the other way. If you use only pictures of more mature ladies, then the younger audience won't identify with you and they'll move on.

2: what is SPMU? Tell them how you can give them the results they want, and all the benefits on top. Not only will you look pin-sharp each and every day, you'll also look great after a swim, a workout, a night out, or a busy day at work.

3: Ok, so now they know what you can do for them, and the added benefits they may not have even known about, it's time to let them know how much it'll cost. A clear and concise price list, maybe even include the steps involved in the treatment.

4: Now tell them why you're the best, most qualified, trustworthy, experienced, professional technician to deliver their new brows, lips or liners. Tell them about your council registration, your insurance, your certification - and most importantly, let them see some of your work.

You'll have your other pages in there too. Contact, Booking, Gallery, Testimonials - they're all just cement that helps build your story.

 What you've done with this layout is create a desire, developed it and made it attainable. Moreover, you've shown what a great idea it is! How did they ever live without Semi Permanent Makeup anyway??

You've then delivered the confidence they need to spend the money and have you work on them.

Let me know what works for you. Do you take your clients on a different journey? Word of mouth recommendation can remove the need for some of these steps, but for first-time visitors to your site, I think this way is pretty effective.


Rich :-)