You ARE a Salesperson!

Don't be scared of sales.

You ARE a salesperson. You have been since the day you tried convincing your parents to buy you something that was slightly out of the question. Or when you were trying to get your partner on board with an idea they're resistant to.

As with everything, there's a right way and a wrong way. Old fashioned sales tactics are aggressive, relentless, and unprofessional. All you need to do is familiarise yourself with a more modern-day approach.

In essence, sales is just a matter of convincing a person to agree with your point of view. You can do that in a number of ways:


1: evidence.

2: corroboration.

3: charm.

4: incentives.


No pressure. No relentless 'closing' techniques.

If you have the evidence of why Semi Permanent Makeup might be good for your client, they can see the benefits for themselves. No need to re-apply every morning, always look your best, gym and pool proof, the cure for sparse know the sort of thing. You've got to assume that if you're entering into a conversation about cosmetic tattooing with someone, they are at the very least curious.

Corroboration is just another way of presenting other people's stories and the benefits they got from the treatment. It's a great way for people to understand what other clients get from Semi Permanent Makeup, without you having to recite it parrot fashion. It helps them visualise the benefits easier. You will need to get the measure of your client before doing this, as you may start barking up the wrong tree. A pensioner may not be able to relate to the story of the gym-addict who hated constantly re-applying her makeup. She may respond better to the lady who had over-plucked brows and hated squinting in the mirror each morning to get her brows right before leaving the house.

Charm is more obvious than you think. This is your business we're talking about here. Be enthusiastic and positive about what you can do. Be flattering, be aspirational about the results you can offer. Always make sure YOUR makeup is faultless at all times - it's the least you can do. Be complimentary, but avoid being sickly - it's a big no-no and you'll see your client glaze over if they feel you're not being sincere.

Incentives are simple. There are so many different things you can offer, it's almost limitless. All you need is a little imagination and creativity. It's fair to say that people who know very little about Semi Permanent Makeup may need to bring a friend for moral support. Great! Second treatment half price!

Social butterflies will revel in the prospect of referring their friends to you with the promise of a free treatment for themselves at their next visit.

Create a loyalty card that you can stamp - companies like Vistaprint can make these for next to nothing. Group bookings, discounted extra treatments, discounts for sharing on social media....the list is endless.

Let me know what works for you!

Rich - Dermace