How To Get Started with Social Media.

How to Succeed in Social Media

How to succeed in social media world!!

First things first: do you even have social media and which networks are you on?

There are many social media sites the 2 main sites that are best for advertising semi-permanent make-up (in my experience) are Instagram and Facebook.

Personally my favourite is Instagram with it being the most popular site of the moment. It’s great for posting photos and getting your work out there into the world of instagram through pictures or videos.

Instagram works through usernames, not your own name like facebook. Once you’ve created an account you will need to choose a username - this is very important to choose the right username for whatever you’re promoting (in our case semi-permanent make-up). Deciding on a username can be tricky; you want to keep it simple with your own name being in there and maybe SPMU at the end (standing for semi-permanent make-up) that way it is easy for people to find you and the kind of photo’s you will be posting.

Ideally, you should to steer away from posting personal pictures on your work account, even though your cats and dogs may be very interesting, they’re nothing to do with semi-permanent make-up! Try and keep an order to your instagram, followers in the same way.

Finally the most important point with instagram is hashtagging!! Once you’ve chosen a photo to post there is a box for you to place a caption for your picture, this is where you can also hashtag ‘ # ‘ . Make sure you insert the hashtag symbol then write your chosen word next to it with NO spaces for example #semipermanentmakeup once you have uploaded your photo your hashtag will come up as a link that you can click on, instagram will then take you to a page showing every single photo ever posted with the same hashtag as yours. This is great for finding new followers and following people that are in the same industry as yourself or future clients finding you!

Although instagram is great for photos, we still resort back to good old facebook! Many people over the years feel quite negative towards Facebook, however with the great way of creating a business page off your own personal Facebook Profile, this way clients don’t have to add your personal facebook to look at your work or get in contact. Yyou can promote your business page and photos so anyone that has facebook can view your page.

Setting a target audience is a key factor to succeeding on Facebook. Choose the right age range you want to target and what area you’d like them to be in, start off by 10-20km near your area this way your clients can find you easily and hopefully will be a starting point for you then word of mouth should take off from there.

The photo’s you post are going to represent YOU so make sure they are clear with good lightening. You could have tattooed the best brows, eyes and lips with the finest hairstrokes or shading, if your pictures are dark and blurry your followers won’t be able to view your work properly and this will be a disadvantage to future clients.

Both social media sites are great for advertising and finding new people on them, once you’ve mastered the techniques of getting to grips with how to use them and promote your business things take off gradually.


Ellie Taylor, Trainer @ Dermace

January 20, 2017

Dermace Academy