What to Consider before a Semi Permanent Makeup Treatment

Ellie - Dermace Trainer

Ellie - Dermace Trainer

Things to consider before getting semi-permanent make-up  

1.Going to the right technician  

Choosing the right technician is a huge factor of getting semi-permanent make-up: at the end of the day it’s your face! Have a look at some of their previous work make sure you like their technique. Every spmu artist works slightly differently, and have their own ways and effects. 

2.How long will my semi-permanent make-up last? 

There are many factors to consider with how long your semi-permanent make-up will last, including; your skincare routine, frequent holidays or sunbeds, oily or dry skin type, your aftercare and maintenance. 

3.I’m on medication.. 

If you are on medication is it for a long term or acute issue? If it is long-term you want to inform your technician and if it is a serious illness you need to get consent from your GP with a letter for your technician. If you’re only on short term medication for something like a cold or headache wait until its cleared up and your off the medication to gain best results and maintenance sometimes medication can effect the result of your procedure. 

4.Is the hairstroke or powdered effect right for you? 

If you have sparse eyebrows or no hair at all then hairstroke is great for you! It’s a very natural technique that adds shape and volume back into the eyebrows however still being extremely soft and natural, mimicking the natural hair, however the powdered brow is great if you already have a very thick brows with your own hair, the hairstroke tattoo would get lost and you wouldn’t be able to see it.’ This kind of eyebrow is a lot more defined and looks as if you’ve coloured your brows in with an eyebrow pencil or powder. 

5.The perfect pout

Lip liner and blush semi-permanent make-up is amazing for people who pencil their lip liner on every day it defines the lips and is one less thing to worry about when getting ready. It’s also a great treatment if you’ve lost pigmentation in the lip and lost your natural vermillion borderline. However something to take into consideration when thinking about getting your lip liner tattooed, if you get coldsores you will need to take a tablet form of medication approximately 3 days before your treatment to prevent a breakout. You may want to go with a bold and bright colour to suit your personality or a soft and subtle more natural just to enhance your lip colour slightly. 
6.Preparing for eyeliner

If you are a false eyelash lover whether it be strip lashes or semi-permanent you will need to remove them prior to your procedure, your technician cannot tattoo through them. You will need to keep them off until your eyeliner has fully healed approximately a month after having your last eyeliner procedure tattooed. 

7.Who is right for semi-permanent make-up? 

Frequent gym users 

People who have over-plucked their brows and want shape and definition adding back into their brows 

People who have very sparse/fine eyebrows 

If you’re a make-up wearer this treatment is great for you, one less thing to worry about in a morning! 

Or the other hand if you don’t wear make up a hairstroke brow would really compliment you and will not be too harsh 

Swimmers, or in contact with water a lot  

8.Do you have a holiday or big event coming up around the time of your procedure? 

Going on holiday around the time of your procedure may it be prior or after this will impact and longevity the result of the tattoo, if its an event you should post-pone the treatment until you have a clear diary...aftercare is a huge part of the results, you can not wear make-up and need to keep the tattooed area completely dry as possible for 7/10 days post treatment.  

Ellie Taylor

Dermace Academy