Why Semi Permanent Makeup Training with Dermace

There are many reasons why we feel you should choose Dermace for your Semi Permanent Makeup training course. We've outlined a few below - but if you feel you'd like to chat in more detail about course content, or our fantastic post-training support, you can call us on 0844 3579200.
When choosing your Semi Permanent Training company, please consider their experience and training credentials. It's also wise to consider companies with strong track-records. We pride ourselves on following a company-wide ethos that joins our team together. We work as one, but we have a selection of trainers, support staff, and admin staff. Be careful when selecting a training academy centred around one or two people - you may be left in the lurch if they no longer train (for whatever reason). 

How can I be sure the Dermace are a reputable Academy?

Dermace are committed to being audited and monitored by external governing bodies. We don't just sing our own praises - we ask people like HABIA, BABTAC, ABT and VTCT to assess us in a variety of ways:

Our Academy - Does it meet all the health and safety requirements? Is it comfortable, clean, and a great place to learn without distraction?

Our Trainers - Are they qualified to actually teach in general, and are they qualified to teach Semi Permanent Makeup and Medical Micropigmentation? Are they properly insured and council registered?

Our Courses - Do they meet (or in our case, exceed) the standards required for accreditation by VTCT, HABIA, or BABTAC? Are Dermace committed to updating course content and keeping methods current?

We are committed to being continually reviewed and audited by the governing bodies we work with in the industry. All the accreditations we have are aimed at providing peace of mind to our trainees - and ultimately ensure you are getting the very best training possible.

Are the trainers at Dermace qualified and experienced enough to train me?

Dermace trainers are PTLLS or equivalent qualified - which means they are 'trained to be trainers'. This ensures that in addition to being some of the most experienced and talented technicians in the industry, they can also make sure that your training is as effective and focussed as possible. Everybody learns in different ways, which is why we don't operate a 'one size fits all' training experience. We have the expertise and skills to ensure you get the most from your training in a one-to-one format. Take a look at our credentials for more information.

How do you price your training courses?

At Dermace we feel we offer the best value training courses in the UK. We do not cut corners on any aspect of the training, and pride ourselves in teaching you a wide variety of techniques for each procedure. Our equipment is the very best available, our machines are all fully digital, and we only use EU regulated Pigments. Dermace are fully insured, council registered, Habia inspected (Centre of Expertise), BABTAC Accredited, and VTCT Approved - in short, we offer you the best packages for the best prices of any comparable Academy or course.

Are your facilities set up for training, or is it just a treatment room?

The Dermace Academy at West Park street is the largest permanent makeup training centre in the UK. We have three floors with boardroom-style theory rooms, practical training rooms, breakout areas, and more intimate training rooms for one-to-one bespoke sessions. We have plans to expand further still in 2018 to better accommodate our ever-growing Permanent Makeup Supplies Store, and offer more beauty training.

What support can I expect from Dermace AFTER I train?

Teresa Gamble set up Dermace with a strong focus on support. We were the first permanent makeup training academy in the UK to offer unlimited support to it's trainees, and it's something we're very proud of. We strive to offer technicians a wide variety of ways to get in touch with us for support - SMS, Email, Facebook, Phone, Picture messaging etc. If you feel you'd like a little extra tuition on any aspect of your training, we're happy for you to repeat a day, have training literature re-sent, or just chat with us on the phone. 

Do you include insurance or accommodation in with your training packages?

Officially, we don't include insurance or accommodation with our training, but we do have various training offers running throughout the year - some of which include 12 months insurance, or accommodation paid. It's worth noting that we get preferential rates at our local hotel, and we are recognised by all leading insurers (Dermace are very highly regarded, so cover is fairly inexpensive for our technicians). It's also worth digging a little deeper into "free insurance" offers from some other academies. The cover you require to carry out Permanent makeup is extensive, and any reputable training school will be recognised by specialist insurers. Simple liability cover does not offer sufficient protection.

Do you offer One-to-One training?

Yes! We feel that a permanent makeup course as intensive as the Dermace Diploma requires focus and concentration. Some of our Workshop courses are run with a group of technicians, but these are designed for experienced technicians where working with peers is beneficial. We do NOT charge extra for One-to-one practical training - it comes as standard with your Diploma course if that's what you want.

Can I come and visit you for a chat before I make my decision?

Of course! We don't believe in staging open days for potential trainees, we operate on an 'open door' policy so you can see the Academy under normal conditions. Give us a call to arrange, and we can advise you the best time to come to see us depending on if you'd like to see a practical session, a classroom session, or if you'd just like a chat. You can even have a treatment yourself and claim a discount off the treatment if you decide to training with us!

Can you help me get started?

Yes. We can help you with all types of business support - from websites and logo design, to Council Registration and promoting your new skills. Remember: we support you for free - if you're in doubt about anything, just call us!

Is my Assessment included in my training price?

Yes. Once your portfolio is completed, we organise your practical assessment date. We don't charge extra for this, and we don't hold your certificate to ransom.

Can I pay for my course in instalments?

Yes. We have a great method for instalments: Some people select a training date and split their payments weekly or monthly up to that date. It offers flexibility and a way for you to control your payments easily.