Semi Permanent Makeup Training Options

We have FOUR options open to you as a Semi Permanent Makeup trainee technician:

Dermace BROW ONLY Diploma
Dermace ESSENTIALS Diploma
Dermace ELITE Diploma
Dermace MICROBLADING Diploma

All four courses offer exactly the same high standard of training, but come with different add-ons to suit your needs and budget. You'll notice you get far more for your money with Dermace than with any other established academy. We don't have massive overheads to pass on to our trainees, and we keep our marketing simple and no-nonsense. 

All our practical training is strictly one-to-one and is carried out by highly experienced and qualified Dermace trainers. We have a 100% course pass-rate because our team are the best in the industry, and our post-course support is unrivalled.

Please click on the course titles below to get more detailed information about the individual courses and what they include. If you have a Sales Enquiry, you can also message or call 07447777107


  • 3 Day intensive training course*
  • 12 Support and Mentoring days per year
  • Brow kit
  • Dermace Tier 1 Digital machine
  • All paperwork & manuals
  • Assessment INCLUDED
  • Blood-bourne Pathogens certificate
  • Discounted Website and Marketing Pack


Brow Only Training:


All prices listed include a fully digital Micro-Pigmentation Machine and relevant kit. 

*Can be condensed to 2 days with prior agreement.


  • 5 Day intensive training course
  • 12 Support and Mentoring days per year
  • Essentials Kit (includes pigments & Needles)
  • Dermace Tier 1 Digital machine
  • On-going support & mentoring
  • Blood-bourne Pathogens certificate
  • All paperwork & Manuals
  • Assessment day INCLUDED
  • Discounted Website and Marketing Pack

Essentials Training: 


  • Elite 6 Day intensive training course
  • 12 Support and Mentoring days per year
  • Elite kit
  • Dermace Tier 2 Digital machine
  • Dermace Meso Re-Vitalize (training only)
  • Promotional Pack (flyers, posters, brochures)
  • Blood-bourne Pathogens certificate
  • Workshop 'credit' for skills development
  • All paperwork & manuals
  • Assessment INCLUDED
  • On-going support & mentoring
  • Discounted Website and Marketing pack

Elite Training: 


  • 3 Day intensive training course
  • 12 Support and Mentoring days per year
  • Microblading kit
  • Pigment Kit
  • Blood-bourne Pathogens certificate
  • Promotional Pack (flyers, posters, brochures)
  • All paperwork & manuals
  • Assessment INCLUDED
  • On-going support & mentoring
  • Discounted Website and Marketing Pack

Dermace Microblade Training: 

Accommodation Pack 

For those of you who are travelling beyond commuting distance from Brighouse, we have the Accommodation Packs. These offer you Bed and Breakfast Lodgings at our local hotel, The WaterFront Lodge - which is just 2 minutes walk to the Dermace Academy. We include one extra night (night before training) to allow you to wake up fresh and ready to take on there day's training. 

Brow Only: £150
Essentials/Elite/VTCT Beginners: £225

Pre-study Package
The home study package has been carefully designed to educate the technician in all aspects of micro pigmentation before intense practical training commences. This gives the technician an insight as to how they have absorbed each module, and will provide a solid foundation of knowledge to build the complete training package onto. We consider this to more 'bedtime reading' than a strict learning exercise. We encourage you to make notes on your manual in order to discuss them during the theory day of training.

1 Day classroom based training precedes hands-on Practical Training (plus Meso Re-Vitalize day with Elite training) PLUS Assessment.
Intense classroom and practical training within the Academy providing skills of the three basic areas of Permanent makeup: Eyebrows, Eyeliners, and Lips. We spend two full days on eyebrows - covering artistry and design as well as the various techniques you'll need.
Dermace will provide all your models, and will give a broad understanding of each of the procedures. We teach you a variety of techniques to give you the freedom and choice as a technician, including hair stroke, powdered/block brows. The Advanced Workshops tend to focus on alternative needle types and specific goals.

Portfolio of Models
After you have completed your initial training with us, you will be asked to complete a portfolio of models and document the treatments with photos and paperwork (we'll show you exactly how to do this). After your portfolio models have been completed (4 treatments of each type, or 6 Brow example on the Brow Only courses), get in touch and we will organise your assessment day. Your assessment day is the final training day in your course, and this is the time you will be certified officially. 
Of course, we are ALWAYS on hand to help and support you even after you qualify in Semi Permanent makeup.

Trainee Aftercare & Support
Dermace are the only company to offer comprehensive post-course support and mentoring for an unlimited time period. If you are having trouble with a specific procedure or technique, or you'd like more confidence - no problem. We'll book you onto a monthly support clinic where you can either shadow one of our trainers at Head Office or Kent. At Dermace, our commitment to you is taken very seriously, and we pledge to make you a happy, confident, professional technician. That's why Dermace technicians are the best in the country. Please take a look at our Support page for more information.

You find more information about our Academy, where you can stay during your training, and how to get to us by clicking here.

Assessment Day
You will be assessed performing the 3 procedures; Brows, Lips, and Eyeliners. Detailed feedback will then be provided, and an ongoing plan will be agreed.

A £500 deposit is all that's required to secure your place on the course and release your pre-study manual and welcome pack. While the deposit is non-refundable, we are happy to move your training dates to a more suitable time for you.

Contact us now to discuss your requirements.

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